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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sid's Favourite Course vs Uni List

See this a list created based on various requirements of students from sub-continent eg study enviornment,Accomodation, Part-Time Jobs, Job after graduating from university, settling down in australia requirement . Etc etc et c.

But hey thats what i like ...if you get accepted from any particular university and would like to review your case just post a comment will be glad to clarify based on your profile

CS,Engineering Programs - UTS, RMIT, Uni Melb, Latrobe,Uni NSW,ANU

MBA - AGSM,Melbourne Business School, Monash,QUT,ANU (For enterprenuership special mention swinburne)

Biotechnology - Latrobe,UTS,Curtain,Uni NSW (should concentrate on first two due to 500 million dollar grant for joint efforts to carry out research in field of biotechnology)

Accounting - Monash,QUT,Uni melbourne,Macquarie,ANU

the above mentioned schools are not in ranking order but just like first one to come in my mind.

This post is just a reference and you should research more schools before narrowing down on a selection. These are the ones which i said suite indian sub-continent requirements and are good schools to graduate from.



Australian University Ranking

Everyone always leave a comment on the ranking provided. Now important issue i would like to bring to notice of all people reading them is...

1) I Didnt make them - its by an official independent agencies due given credit in the post

2) This is overall university rating. People tend to take them MBA program ratings etc.

So Latrobe may have bad rating on the chart for MBA...but for engineering and Agricultural Sciences i always recommend it to people.

I am more of a Melbourne fan then melbourne offcourse was voted world's most livable city + most student friendly....+racial discrmination is most less compared to other cities pretty much nil....+ australians are very friendly people overall... so you should not worry abt these things. They respect your culture if you respect theirs....

Now for people doing a masters program in science which requires specialization in particular field then you should always look at the faculty profile of university as importantly you will be asked to get associated with one of the existing researchers.

When people put comment if they can post their email address it becomes easier to get back to otherwise its very hard to answer everyones question in the past.

Thanks for the huge email response...will try to answer all in the given time...